To mummy with messy home


Don’t you feel amazing when you go to bed knowing your entire house is clean?

 Yeaaaaaah, I sure feel so but it’s so rare to feel that, especially moms.

Being a mom is like trying to be Wonder Woman! As you juggle your daily lists of things to do {which INCLUDES cleaning the house at least seven times}, it can lay heavy on your shoulders as to why in the world your house just CAN’T stay clean for longer than you wish.

I once heard the world’s shortest story that went something like, “Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, I had a clean house…and then the toddler woke up. The End.”

To be truthful, I am never more confused than when someone with kids has a clean house. I truly wonder what magic they cast to keep their homes so perfect and beautiful. {If you are one of them… know that I praise you and welcome ANY tips you can share!}

Often times when we hear the doorbell ring at our house, my little one will run to the door so excited to open it and to see who it is!

And then there is me…frantically trying to hide everything like the Flash but you know there are hundred and one thing out of your reach, the dishes in my sink and the toys scattered EVERYWHERE, when she flies open the door and I am left there standing looking like a hot mess in my chaotic home.

Today we’re going to be real. We are going to talk to you cute, hard working moms who DO clean your house. Who work REALLY hard on keeping it clean. Who do the dishes. Who takes the trash out. Who vacuums the floors and mops the kitchen. Who spends their afternoons organizing toys and lining up stuffed animals.

Those moms who could spend an entire day cleaning, but by 3pm the house is destroyed AGAIN and all of your hard work goes unnoticed. THIS is for you.

To the Mom With A Messy House… I hope you will remember these five things:

Cleaning a messy home.jpg

1. YOU ARE NOT ALONE:  You. Are. NOT. Alone. How many times can I say it?! You aren’t. There are moms all around this world that feel for you. They are experiencing the EXACT feelings that you feel right now. As you read this article and look around your home to see the bucket of toys you JUST put away dumped out again and hear from a distance the box of blocks being poured out all over your floor for the third time in the past hour – know that it isn’t just you.

Women around the world work hard. YOU work hard. And you should never forget that your hard work is important. In fact, THE most IMPORTANT work you will ever do is inside of the walls of your home.


2. DON’T COMPARE: Yes, it is easier said than done, right? It is SO easy to compare our homes with our friend’s houses. It is SO easy to compare our homes with the beautiful pictures in magazines. And it is SO easy to compare our homes to the perfect houses and perfect moms and perfect wives that are all over Instagram & Facebook

Know that those homes don’t always look like that. Know that those homes get messy too. Know that nobody is perfect and nobody’s house is perfect either.


3. YOUR HOME DOESN’T DEFINE YOU: Because YOU are way more important than a few dishes in your sink or a few boxes of toys spread across the floor. You are more than that. Think of EVERYTHING you get done on a daily basis and all of the many roles that you hold as a woman. You are a wife. You are a taxi driver. You are a nurse. You are a chef. You are a professional organizer. You are a planner. You are a maid. You are a friend. You are a daughter. You are an exerciser. You are a laundry doer. And you are a mom… and a fantastic one too!


4. CREATE A ROOM TO SAVE YOUR SANITY: I’m not saying that having a messy house is good for the soul. I am actually a big believer in trying to tidy up the home and making it a pleasant place to live. As moms, we NEED organization and cleanliness. But since we have the little ones running around, to destroy all of our hard work every few minutes…choose a room for YOU.

Choose a room that can be YOUR “clean” room – for example, as long as the kitchen is clean in my house, I feel good about myself and all is well in the world. So choose a room that is important for you and your sanity and clean it in the morning. That way if…no WHEN…all else fails and the rest of the house looks like a tornado of toys hit it, you can have confidence in YOUR room.

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5. HELP IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE: Don’t always make it a point to do everything yourself. Yes, you feel so good when you spend hours upon hours on your hands and knees keeping your house clean. And when visitors arrive, you showcase your masterpiece so earnestly.

But the chores will take its toll on you eventually. It’s good to know professional help is always available and it’s so much affordable! Home cleaning service providers like us, 6 Days Cleaning Services have relieve many mothers of back-breaking household chores yet giving the heavenly feel of a super well kept homes to all mothers, be it full time mums or working mums. 

Engage the help you need.

Take your deserved break and spend more time with your little ones!

So for now, let’s play with our children. Let’s turn off our computers and phones and get on the ground and make a mess together! Let’s dump out the blocks and build a really tall tower. And get out the toy cars and have crazy races. Let’s grab the doll house and make it a beautiful home. Let’s read the same 3 books over and over and over and over again. And let’s live.

Let’s make memories. Let’s love our babies and kids and make sure they know they are our world. Let’s make them laugh and let’s make memories together.

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