A perfectly-formed cleaning kit is the key to successful cleaning.

The ideal cleaning kit is practical, organise and contain a range of essential products and tools to guarantee great cleaning results. A perfect cleaning kit will help you get great results, and save you time and frustration during both big jobs and small. You'll always have everything you need on hand!

Equip yourself with professional cleaning kit now for better cleaning job!

To order, simply click on the cleaning kit after choosing the cleaning session which is suitable for you.


Our Cleaning kit includes:

  1. Mop

  2. Mop pail

  3. Sponge (Pack of 3)

  4. Wipe cloth (Pack of 4)

  5. Small scrub

  6. Window wiper

  7. Toilet brush

  8. Toilet scrub

  9. Lint Roller


Cleaning chemicals include:

  1. Multi purpose floor cleaner

  2. Glass and mirror cleaner

  3. Toilet disinfectant

  4. Bleach

  5. Stain Remover