Frequent Questions

+ How does 6 Days Cleaning Services work?

6 Days Cleaning Services is a cleaning company with an online platform which brings ease and convenience for customers to book for a cleaner with immediate confirmation.

+ I have booked online so what comes next?

Upon the submission of your booking, witin the next 30 mins, you will receive a confirmation email for your session. No more waiting on quotes and dealing with unresponsive customer service.

+ What are the jobscopes that are included in the cleaning session?

You can click on "Regular Cleaning" or "Ad Hoc Cleaning" to see the lists of jobscopes which are included in the respective session.

+ Do I have to provide cleaning materials?

Yes, please provide the cleaning equipment. We recommend to have the following cleaning supplies at home:

  • 1 vacuum cleaner/broom and 1 mop
  • 2 water pails
  • 4 cleaning cloths
  • 1 feather duster
  • 1 scratch-free sponge
  • toilet cleaner
  • limescale cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Interior window cleaning: glass cleaner
  • Oven cleaning: oven cleaner, sponge

For a clearer view of the necessary requirements, please speak with your cleaner directly.

+ How do I pay for the cleaning session?

You do not have to worry on the payment as it is an auto deduction from the credit card you registered with us after every cleaning session