Deep cleaning for joyous festive!

Spring cleaning can be a strenuous and time consuming task.  Those who attempt it on their own sure do have a big mission at hand! For this, 6 Days Cleaning Service is here to help! Providing what we know best, cleaning with details to let you have a clean and fresh house just in time to celebrate the joyous festive!


+ All the rooms

  1. Clean windows and grilles, interior only
  2. Clean doors and gates
  3. Dust all surfaces
  4. Sweep balcony (if any)
  5. Vacuum all floor areas
  6. Mop all floor areas
  7. Clean exterior of installed wardrobes and closets
  8. Cleaning interior of wardrobes and closets
  9. Clean fans (if any)
  10. Clean exterior of light fittings
  11. Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, etc

+ Kitchen

  1. Clean kitchen wall tiles and backsplash
  2. Clean exterior and interior of cabinets
  3. Clean kitchen area including stove & hob, sink, countertops & fittings
  4. Wash and disinfect kitchen sink and basin

+ Bathrooms

  1. Clean bathroom wall tiles
  2. Clean and disinfect floor, basin, toilet bowl & fixtures and fittings
  3. Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, shower screens

+ Others

  1. Other related chores
  2. Throwing away of small item rubbish to the bins

Should you need to start on a date which is unavailable on the calendar/ customise the cleaning session, kindly call 9841 2939 and we will make the arrangement for you.  

Kindly note that cleaning kit will not be provided for this cleaning. Should you need to purchase, you can click on the add on after choosing the package that most suits your needs.

Not looking for spring cleaning?

We have other cleaning services available! If you cannot find what you need, you can contact us at 9841 2939.