No One Sleeps Alone

Mattresses are loaded with things that we don’t want to be sleeping with.

➤The average mattress contains approximately 2.5 million dust mites plus bacteria and fungi that are currently spending the night with you.

➤The protein in dust mite droppings can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, hay fever, eczema and itchy eyes.

➤Humans sweat up to 150 liter’s of fluid and shed up to 1kg of skin every year, providing a nutrient rich food source for dust mites.

This is why most manufacturers suggest that you have your mattress professionally cleaned every 6 months!

Get your mattress cleaned and sanitized for a better night’s sleep!



Why Choose 6 Days mattress deep Cleaning



Frequency for deep cleaning

before after mattress.jpg

Once every 6 months deep cleaning is recommended to ensure thorough removal of accumulated dead skins, dirt and dust particles and not forgetting micro-organisms like dust mites, bacteria mold and fungi.

With you spending at least 6-8 hours in bed, your cleaned mattress will start to collect dead skins, dirt and dust together with new families of dust mites all over again. Should you have baby/toddler or your family members are allergy sufferers who are highly sensitive to dust mites and their excrement, then you should get more frequent thorough treatment for your mattresses with once every 3 months for a throughly clean sleeping environment.